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Stamp Out Hunger
May, 2011

"Help Stamp Out Hunger" USPS National Food Drive

This year's USPS food drive appeared to be a huge success as far as Chanhassen, Chaska, Excelsior, and Victoria MN were concerned. 

Stamp Out Hunger
Saturday May 11, 2013

We're gonna do it all over again
in May 2013. Leaving canned foods in your mailbox for your local food shelf is perhaps the easiest way to make a big difference.

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Rainbow Warriors

On the streets of San Francisco, The Rainbow Warriors, our friends (who we call relatives) White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle are missionaries for the homeless and destitute. Their mission to raise awareness and gather money, food, clothes, blankets and everything most of us take for granted is their life’s work. In addition, their prayers and songs reach across the globe through the internet.

The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy believe our goal on the planet is to work together, all four directions, races and creeds, to limit the suffering of the many, many who have little or nothing. We, The Siegfrieds, were more than once there, and the community outreach we experienced was nothing less than a miracle which helped us back on our feet. We got lucky! There are many people who have not yet gotten lucky like we did – who have not gotten the helping hand YOU could provide.

We really like this organization and would like you to take a minute to browse at – click the “Donate” button and send a little bit their way. White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle are good and wise people who were nice enough to adopt us into their clan as relatives and collaborators, and we feel a special closeness to them through music. If nothing else, think of donating as helping our musical collaborators with their personal mission in life…helping others. Seriously, how good is that?

"From awakening can come knowledge and wisdom for all races to overcome the ignorance, the destructive and wasteful, consuming fears that detour our resources. This morning we began a new day. New knowledge came with this day, as evidenced by the knowledge of the red way that is before us here. ...With spirit and knowledge the world can be made well."
-Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, from Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths To Healing Ourselves And Our World.

           Recent Events

  PROP Food shelf in Eden Prairie, March 2011

We recently had the opportunity to volunteer and learn about Eden Prairie's PROP food shelf which also works with those out of work to get them back into the work force as soon as possible. What people I talk to don't seem to understand is that if, for example, both parents are laid off at the same time (it happens every day as company after company goes under), you don't just "get a new job" in the economy as it is right now. The most likely scenario is someone being hired for less money and being expected to work more...and benefits will be negotiable. So then, do you try to keep your house, do you sell your car for a cheaper one...the downsizing has to happen quickly. But too often the new job happens far less quickly. So as a safety net, places like PROP exist to help people transition in such a slow economy. You realize, as we did for three years in 2007-2010, that you can be brought down very quickly  to needing simply the basics: food and shelter. It is a very humbling experience and can happen to ANYONE. Take some time to give to your community because if (hopefully not when) you are in this situation, your community will be there for you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Pakki's Team" Alzheimer's Walk

Our family and friends walked, and we appreciate all the donations we received to further Alzheimer's research. It is a disease which is particularly
significant to our family as my Grandfather "Pakki" is nearing its final stages. Of course that means that, like so many people on this planet, we are at a high risk of contracting the disease ourselves. It is, as my grandpa told me a few years ago, a frustrating and sad thing to live with -- not being able to remember the most basic of things and having people look at you sadly when they realize you don't remember having said the exact same thing you just said a minute before. It is degrading and heartbreaking....but maybe we can someday figure out its cause. At least, for now, we can try! Again, thank you for helping, and if you haven't, please consider doing so. Go to my brother's website, and find out what you can do!