The Siegfrieds
Family Music from a Family of Musicians
Here and Back

It's been over 25 years since an eleven-year-old Jeff Siegfried began writing and recording songs, and six years since the Siegfried family started singing and playing music together. A long succession of recordings reaches from here back to 1986 and includes some great collaborations with friends and family. Luckily all 4000 or so sound files are not here, but some of the highlights are available to stream and download.

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Community Outreach

We have begun a gradual move into community outreach projects…because those with are not separate from those without.   In 2007, having lost both our jobs and with twins on the way, our family was on the cusp of homelessness. The reality of being without food and shelter was with us for more than three years. Without the help of our friends, family, and the larger community, getting back on our feet would not have been possible. Today we are in a position to help those who need help helping themselves. In one way or another, we will all be there. Believe it and believe someone will be there for you when it happens. Take your turn helping when you are able. Please browse our events and maybe you can have fun participating with us sometime soon!

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For The Serious and the Curious

Our entire 100+ song collection is available to stream/download on the Internet Archive. You can download a zip file with everything all in one shot. Bam! Welcome to being the coolest person on your block!